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Will McGregor

Open Lending Announces Expanded Partnership With Integrated Lending Technologies


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AUSTIN, TEXAS – October 3, 2018 – Open Lending, LLC is pleased to announce it has expanded its longtime relationship with Integrated Lending Technologies, LLC (ILT) through ILT’s enhanced Allegro Lending Suite. Based in Salt Lake City, ILT was the very first Loan Origination System (LOS) partner to be added fifteen years ago, to Open Lending’s now vast suite of LOS partners. The Allegro™ Lending Suite represents…

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9 Characteristics of Car Dealers Your Credit Union Should Deal With

By Credit Unions, LOS System Software

Ensure the Dealers in Your Indirect Program Make the Grade Not all indirect lending programs are built the same. When credit unions can keep constant watch over how various dealers they’re working with are performing, your institution can better mitigate risk. You are in control. “As indirect buyers we all form opinions, for good or bad, about each dealership from whom we buy,” Roger Seegmiller, COO for Allegro Lending Suite,…

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The Future Of Lending: User Experience, Control and Marketing

By LOS System Software

The lending landscape has changed dramatically because of rapidly advancing technology, access to information and consumer expectations. Lending is no longer about terms or rates – members demand control and seamless user experience. Credit unions must adapt to these paradigm shifts to remain competitive. Credit unions must also get strategic about their marketing to let members and nonmembers know the credit union is there for them. As Apple and Nike…

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7 Tools For Indirect Lending

By Indirect Lending, LOS System Software

A VITAL COMPONENT OF A STRONG LOAN ORIGINATION SYSTEM IS IT’S INDIRECT LENDING COMPONENT. Indirect Lending is based on the recognition of three facts: 1. Large national lenders, including manufacturers’ captive finance companies, are strong and effective competitors for the credit union member’s auto loan. 2. Most car loan decisions are made while credit union members are at the dealership, and most dealers are experts at influencing this decision. 3….

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Integrated Lending Technologies – A Brief History

By About Us

Integrated Lending Technologies, LLC is a recognized pioneer in lending technology with a reputation for continuous innovation and unrivaled service. When it was first introduced in 2001, the first version of ILT’s DILLS™ system (Dealer Indirect Lending and Leasing System) represented a breakthrough in the automation of the indirect lending process. It delivered speed, accuracy and security through the creative application of new Internet-based technologies. In early 2005 DILLS™ Version2…

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