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When we started using Allegro, we weren’t sure what to expect. ILT’s staff made the training and transition very easy for us. We use the Allegro system as a tool for our indirect dealers and providers. We have found the program not only easy for our employees, but also for the dealers and providers out in the field. When we access a deal, all the information that we need is there to make a qualified credit decision, provided it hasn’t already been auto-approved by Allegro. In addition, ILT’s staff has also been accommodating in making any changes we have needed to suit our company’s needs. We ask, and we receive what we need in a very timely and professional manner.

Tammy DunnPresident Volunteer Lenders, Inc. Paris TN

ILT’s system has offered a convenience and efficiency to our operations and our customers that has enabled our lending programs to expand and grow, while adding very little overhead, through the system’s ability to process and fund more deals in less time. It also provides remarkably versatile reporting features, which have given us a better understanding of our approval and look-to-book ratios by dealer and as a department overall. It has been a tremendous asset to Banterra’s RV & Marine Lending Division, allowing this area to be one of the most successful initiatives of our bank.

Jeff MayPresident & CEO Banterra Bank Paducah KY

We’ve been with ILT for 10 years now. They have been great to work with as our business has grown. They respond in a timely and professional manner with any issues or questions we have. The system is user friendly and allows us to respond to our indirect dealers’ needs immediately.”

Trent TaylorIndirect Program Manager Leaders Credit Union Jackson TN

We have been using the DILLS system since February, 2005, and things have really been great so far. Our dealers really like using the system and find it to be very user friendly and advanced. It has been a useful tool in getting new dealerships to do business with us. The system offers useful reporting methods and streamlines and simplifies communication between the lender and its partner dealerships during the financing and funding process. This product has definitely become a competitive advantage for us in a relatively short period of time.

Eric JohnsonAllegacy Federal Credit Union, Winston-Salem NC

Allegacy Federal Credit Union's platform (DILLS™) has been a great site for us here at Asheboro Honda. We have benefited from the site in many ways. First, the site offers the finance managers the ability to print the necessary forms we need. Plus, it provides us with the latest rates, funding and reserve information we need to keep our schedules for financing up to date. Finally, it allows us to correspond with the personnel at the Credit Union. Thanks for providing us with tools that allow us to maximize profits and excel in customer service.

Matthew NakovichAsheboro Honda, Asheboro NC

The DILLS system has been very beneficial to our F&I Department. It is very easy to use and navigate, complemented by the excellent support system. Being able to update applicant and deal information is a definite time saver, as is the ability to immediately access current credit union information. It is a great tool for advancing the financing process for the customer at record speed!

Kevin McNabTyler & Kelly Trademark Motors, Lewiston ID

Ive been using DILLS since April, 2007. This system is completely user friendly and very easy to navigate from one channel to the next. I've trained loan officers on other loan application systems that were not nearly as user friendly. The DILLS system is BY FAR ONE OF THE BEST THAT I'VE USED. It makes for good quick loan decisions and efficient training of loan officers. An added plus is the front office support. The people there have helped me with lending and management issues not even related to DILLS. I'm very glad that my company chose the DILLS system.

Terry F. ThomasLegacy Community Federal Credit Union, Birmingham AL

Columbus Metro Federal Credit Union has been using the DILLS system since May of 2008. Prior to that the process was paper intensive and delayed our response to our dealers. Using DILLS has also allowed us to work with our dealers during the weekends which gives us a competitive edge against the big regional banks. DILLS is a user friendly system with a great support team. Another ingredient we prize is all the reports we have access to for evaluating our portfolio and the dealers we use. Can't say enough praises for DILLS.

Jane Green, Mgr Consumer LendingColumbus Metro Federal Credit Union, Columbus OH

Chief Financial Federal Credit Union began using the system in June 2010 as the primary vehicle to "jump-start" our new indirect automobile lending program. Since then, we have experienced automobile loan growth well in excess of our expectations. The program has been exceptionally dependable, and any issues we have encountered were immediately attacked and resolved by their friendly and courteous staff. The reporting system is intuitively easy to use and has proven invaluable when analyzing our indirect portfolio. Perhaps the most significant element of the program is the considerable dealer network in our area. From my experience, it would have taken years to individually establish the number of dealer relationships we now enjoy.

Tom Dluzen, Pres/CEOChief Financial Credit Union, Pontiac MI

We have been using the DILLS platform for our indirect lending program since September 2009. The system is user friendly for both the dealer and the lender along with easy navigation features when making a loan decision. DILLS provides great reports which enable us to track dealers, rates, credit scores, approvals, etc. DILLS has given us an opportunity to be more efficient with our indirect lending program, and the support staff at ILT has provided us with excellent customer service.

Michael Cubelic, Director of UnderwritingConsumers Cooperative Credit Union, Waukegan IL

The DILLS system has helped streamline our indirect lending program while creating great relationships with our dealer partners. Our employees love how user-friendly the system is and how it has helped to reduce paper clutter in our loan files. Overall, it is a great system that has made life a lot easier for our loan staff and has really developed and enhanced our indirect loan business.

Joe Avery, Loan ManagerMichigan One Community Credit Union, Ionia MI

ABCoA Deal Pack® and ILT Integrate Allegro™ Lending Suite Loan Origination Software

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PRESS RELEASE JACKSONVILLE, Florida- May 2020- ADVANCED BUSINESS COMPUTERS OF AMERICA, INC. (ABCoA) is pleased to announce the completion of integration with Allegro Lending Suite from ILT’s Direct Lending System and Deal Pack. Advanced Business Computers of America, a leading provider of software with real-time accounting for subprime finance companies, auto finance and independent car dealers, and the BHPH / LHPH industry has completed its latest release integrating Allegro Lending…

ILT Celebrates Completed Conversion from DILLS™ to Allegro™

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PRESS RELEASE Published: Oct 21, 2019 8:22 a.m. ET SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Integrated Lending Technologies, LLC ("ILT"), a leading provider of lending technology, announced that it had completed the conversion of all users of its legacy DILLS™ and PILS® systems to the new Allegro™ Lending Suite. Introduced to the market in 2002, DILLS™ became one of the most popular indirect lending solutions for credit…
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It’s A Good Time For Better Yield

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During my second or third year in college I took a class in Chinese Politics. The professor was a fascinating guy who quoted what he said was an ancient Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times”. It’s one of the few things I remember from that class. Regardless of its source, I supposed that most credit union and community bank executives are certain the curse has befallen them. Investors…
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Ride the Auto Leasing Wave with Allegro Lending Suite™

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The average transaction cost of an automobile is rising every year, so consumers are trying to ease that financial outlay and turning towards leasing. In fact, 34% of all retail auto sales in 2018 were leases. Millennials in particular prefer leases. Nearly one third of millennials chose leasing over buying in 2016, making up 12% of all leases in the U.S. No longer is leasing only for luxury brands. Full-size…