Allegro delivers accelerated processing times and customer response. It's About Time...


ILT Integrates with DocuSign

ILT and DocuSign announce partnership to enhance the Allegro™ Lending Suite


ILT's Allegro™ Lending Suite Integrates with ABCoA DealPack


It's A Good Time For Better Yield

If lenders are interested in wider pricing spreads and higher yields, this is the time to take action.


Ride the Auto Leasing Wave

"Allegro Lending Suite™ is integrated with RouteOne and Dealertrack..."


4 LOS Must-Haves

These features included with the ALLEGRO™ LENDING SUITE


Say ‘Yes’ to More Credit-Challenged Members!

Be Your Members’ Hero, A NACUSO Free Live Webinar


Converting Indirect Leads

"It costs 5 times more to recruit a new customer than it does to retain one..."


Paperless Indirect Lending

You’re wasting a lot of time and money shuffling papers...


Converting Indirect Members

Timely and integrated campaigns are most effective.


Simplifying And Managing Multiple Indirect Programs

LSI found a way to manage multiple client credit unions’ underwriting needs...


ILT Celebrates Completed Conversion from DILLS™ to Allegro™


DMS Enhances The ALLEGRO™ Lending Suite

ILT and DMS partnered to enhance the product offerings for ILT’s suite of loan origination software.




Allegro™ represents the next generation of powerful lending software, enabling lenders the flexibility to manage input, process data, respond to customer inquiry and meet compliance requirements more efficiently than ever – all from a single login.

    manages indirect lending and leasing
    manages direct lending
    supports “lifestyle” and unsecured lending

It’s About Time.

“When we released the first version of DILLS™ in 2001, using the Internet as a way to manage indirect lending was a new idea. But we were confident and determined to make DILLS™ the standard in innovation, flexibility and ease of use. …” – Will McGregor, President/CEO

Time is Money. Save Time.

The efficiency of Allegro’s module design means only one login is required to access all three modules, allowing operators and management personnel to easily move between screens and loan types with no wasted motion. It also means training time will be significantly reduced.

Lending Suite Features

ILT Announces Integration with DocuSign as Enhancement to its Allegro™ Lending Suite

PRESS RELEASE Integrated Lending Technologies (ILT) is very pleased to announce that it has completed the development of a new feature in its Allegro™ Lending Suite that will make DocuSign, the world's number one e-signature solution, available to all Allegro™ users as part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud. This new technology will significantly increase the capabilities of Allegro’s™ Branch and Provider modules. DocuSign will enable Allegro™ users to sign electronically…
LOS System Software

ABCoA Deal Pack® and ILT Integrate Allegro™ Lending Suite Loan Origination Software

PRESS RELEASE JACKSONVILLE, Florida- May 2020- ADVANCED BUSINESS COMPUTERS OF AMERICA, INC. (ABCoA) is pleased to announce the completion of integration with Allegro Lending Suite from ILT’s Direct Lending System and Deal Pack. Advanced Business Computers of America, a leading provider of software with real-time accounting for subprime finance companies, auto finance and independent car dealers, and the BHPH / LHPH industry has completed its latest release integrating Allegro Lending…
Loan Origination Software

ILT Celebrates Completed Conversion from DILLS™ to Allegro™

PRESS RELEASE Published: Oct 21, 2019 8:22 a.m. ET SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Integrated Lending Technologies, LLC ("ILT"), a leading provider of lending technology, announced that it had completed the conversion of all users of its legacy DILLS™ and PILS® systems to the new Allegro™ Lending Suite. Introduced to the market in 2002, DILLS™ became one of the most popular indirect lending solutions for credit…
lending suite software
Credit Unions

It’s A Good Time For Better Yield

During my second or third year in college I took a class in Chinese Politics. The professor was a fascinating guy who quoted what he said was an ancient Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times”. It’s one of the few things I remember from that class. Regardless of its source, I supposed that most credit union and community bank executives are certain the curse has befallen them. Investors…

” ILT’s system has offered a convenience and efficiency to our operations and our customers that has enabled our lending programs to expand and grow, while adding very little overhead, through the system’s ability to process and fund more deals in less time. It also provides remarkably versatile reporting features, which have given us a better understanding of our approval and look-to-book ratios by dealer and as a department overall. It has been a tremendous asset to Banterra’s RV & Marine Lending Division, allowing this area to be one of the most successful initiatives of our bank. “

 Jeff May  // President & CEO Banterra Bank Paducah KY


Our Team, Our Alliances, Our History and Our Clients

“Integrated Lending Technologies, LLC is a recognized pioneer in
lending technology with a reputation for continuous innovation and unrivaled service…”

Who We Are

Integrated Lending Technologies, LLC provides innovative lending technology and consulting services to credit unions, banks and other financial institutions. From credit unions making small business loans or competing against national lenders for auto loans to large banks specializing in aircraft financing, ILT helps its clients succeed by giving each the right tools for its own unique situation and business plan.

Our Alliances

Our commitment to making our technology products into complete technological solutions has led us to partner in a variety of ways with other organizations.

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Our commitment to making our technology products into complete technological solutions has led us to partner in a variety of ways with other organizations. The following is a partial list of our “partners” that provide enhancements in one way or another to ILT’s products or services.