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 The Allegro™ Loan Origination Software provides a dealer module that connects the dealer directly with lending institutions that use this lending suite for indirect loans. Connected dealers can interact with lenders to design customized auto lending deals for customers.

This  cloud-based system secures communication and provides tools for instant approvals.The Allegro™ Dealer Module replaces ILT’s successful DILLS (Dealer Indirect Lending and Lease System). Benefiting from years of refinement driven by client input, the Dealer module, a part of the Allegro Lending Suite, has a cleaner look with more space and logical maneuverability.

Following is a list of some of the features of the Allegro™ Dealer Module: 

• Versatile on-line dealer application

DealerTrack, AppOne, RouteOne and other dealer system integrations

•  Administrative login control to manage access

•  Credit reports from the three major bureaus, including many scoring models

•  Fully customizable automated approval system

•  Automated and Manual rate matrices

•  Interactive Debt to Income and LTV analyses

•  Comprehensive Alerts System

•  Exception Control Notification System

•  Adverse Action and Credit Score Disclosure notices

•  Welcome letters

•  Fax capabilities to dealers

•  Dealer management tools

•  Document packet auditing and funding tools

•  ACH Funding to Dealers

•  Full suite of reports

•  Internal Notes system

•  Real-time dealer communications

•  Fully Automated Export to core management system

•  Paperless documentation and funding using DigiDocs™

•  Optional Integration with Lenders Protection

•  Tools to insure compliance with government regulations

•  Customized Forms Pre-filled for Printing at the Dealership

•  Dashboard for Updates of Critical Statistics