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Allegro Lending Suite

 Core Exports

The Allegro™ Lending Suite provides the Lender with the option to export funded loan data from the Allegro™ Lending Suite to many of the popular credit union, bank and finance company core operating systems.

The ILT technology team enables the unique process for each lender to provide a transfer of funded loan data to the Lender’s core system.  A queue in Allegro™ keeps track of which loans are to be uploaded once funded.  The user can select and send over individual loans or all funded loans at once.

There are several methods for delivery, including file transfer and API.  All the data in Allegro™ can be mapped to your core system making a seamless delivery of data which dramatically speeds up the process.  Eliminate human error in manual entry and make transfer instantaneous. Of course, the process of data transfer is not the same for each system, and some core operating systems can provide additional services such as account opening.

“I love the system. It is fast and easy to use as well as reliable. It has cut time off of funding the packets from 1 hour to 25 minutes per packet.”

 Lori Rundell  // SAFE Federal Credit Union