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Allegro Lending Suite


DigiDocs™ is a proprietary program designed, as part of the Allegro™ Lending Suite, to provide an easy and efficient method to process loan documentation in an online, paperless environment.

DigiDocs™ is Compatible with Dealertrack, RouteOne and AppOne enabling same day funding with Dealers and Merchants.  DigiDocs™ is available through all three Allegro™ lending modules streamlining the entire lending process.

Lenders using DigiDocs won’t have to shuffle through all those papers to make sure everything is there and to organize the pile in a specific order. The jobs of scanning the documents for electronic storage and storing or shredding the originals are eliminated because we program a customized push of your images to your electronic document storage system. Benefits to Dealers and Merchants are even more significant. They can eliminate the costs of delivering the funding packets to the lender.

Secondly, the time from the delivery of the collateral to the receipt of the loan proceeds can be reduced by at least one, and maybe several, days.

 DigiDocs™ in Allegro

 Upload Files Via Phone

• Clients can upload documents to a specific Allegro™ application

• Supports eContracting through RouteOne or DealerTrack

• Send loan stipulations electronically

• Works on any browser

• Specific DigiDocs™ deal queue

• Split screen capabilities to compare documents to application data and stipulations

• Integrated to give status updates to the client

• DigiDocs™ Viewer enables users to preview and sort documents

• Exports images to Lender’s electronic storage system; and

• No wasted paper or time

• Reduce the time required for lender employees to audit loan documents;

• Eliminate the need for scanning loan documents

• Retain digital images of all loan documents indefinitely for instant viewing

• Eliminate the cost to dealers of delivering documents to the lender

• Significantly reduce the time between document signing and receipt of funds by the dealer

• Dramatically improve dealer satisfaction with Allegro™ and the lender

“The Most important feature to me is the reduction in time required for approval and funding”

 Adam Brandt  // Henna Chevrolet