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Allegro Lending Suite

 Allegro Release Notes 


Auto-Decisioning Report
This release adds a new Auto-Decisioning Report to Allegro. This report shows a list of loans that meet auto-approval criteria, but failed to pass an auto-decision analysis due to an error in applicant information, mismatched credit reporting, etc. This new report allows you to better track which loans are failing to pass auto-approval before being manually approved in order to adjust auto-approval profiles and increase the rate of auto-approved responses in future applications.

Deal Cloning
New functionality has been added to allow you to clone an existing loan to create a new deal record. To enable this feature, please reach out to our service team at to have the functionality enabled for your Allegro environment.

Once enabled, deals in the queue will include a button labeled Clone Deal.

Clicking this button will create a new deal with a new deal number, but with all the information cloned from the original deal. Note that the new deal number will be an iteration of the original deal number. For example, a clone of deal 6887977 would be numbered 6887977-2, as shown in the screenshot below.

This will save time when entering duplicate applications in situations where one applicant is submitting multiple applications, such as for the purpose of purchasing fleet vehicles for a company.

Updates to ID Type Field
Applicant ID Type information in a new loan application will now default to No ID rather than Driver’s License if no ID information is provided in the original application. If an ID type is selected, then associated fields specific to that ID type will be required to save the applicant information page.

If you attempt to save the page without this information, the fields with missing information will be highlighted as shown in the screenshot below.

If no ID type is selected, you will be prompted to provide a reason, but this field is not required to save the page.