Allegro Lending Suite

Allegro™  Provider Module

Supports “Lifestyle” and Unsecured Lending

The Allegro™ Provider Module replaces ILT’s lifestyle lending system known as PILS®, or Professional Indirect Lending System. Like the new Dealer module, it has a cleanerlook with more space and logical maneuverability. Its functionality is also significantly expanded to facilitate a wide variety of lending that finances the purchase of goods or services.

Following is a list of some of the features of the Allegro™ Provider Module: 

• Administrative login control to manage access

•  Consumer applications available from the merchant’s or provider’s website

•  Credit reports from the three major bureaus, including many scoring models

•  Fully customizable automated approval system

•  Multiple product cross-selling tools

•  Automated and manual rate matrices

•  Interactive debt to income analysis

•  Comprehensive alerts system

•  Exception Control Notification System

•  Adverse Action and Credit Score Disclosure notices

•  Welcome letters

•  Documents automatically prepared for digital signatures or for closings at the provider’s office or at the lender’s office

•  Document packet auditing and funding tools

•  ACH funding to providers

•  Optional open-ended loans with multiple draw-downs

•  Full suite of reports

•  Internal Notes system

•  Real-time consumer and provider communications

•  Fully automated export to core management system

•  Paperless documentation and funding using DigiDocs™

•  Tools to insure compliance with government regulations

•  Dashboard for updates of critical statistics

“The most important feature to me is the reduction in time required for approval and funding. “


Adam Brandl  // Henna Chevrolet, Austin TX