The Allegro™ Loan Origination Platform signals the next generation of powerful Loan Origination Tools, enabling lenders to securely input data, process loans, respond to customer inquiry and meet compliance requirements using the most modern tools available today.

Allegro Lending Suite

The ALLEGROTM  Provider Module

It’s About Time

The Allegro™ Provider Module replaces ILT’s lifestyle lending system known as PILS®, or Professional Indirect Lending System. Like the new Dealer module, it has a cleanerlook with more space and logical maneuverability. Its functionality is also significantly expanded to facilitate a wide variety of lending that finances the purchase of goods or services.

Following is a list of some of the features of the Allegro™ Provider Module: 

• Administrative login control to manage access

•  Consumer applications available from the merchant’s or provider’s website

•  Credit reports from the three major bureaus, including many scoring models

•  Fully customizable automated approval system

•  Multiple product cross-selling tools

•  Automated and manual rate matrices

•  Interactive debt to income analysis

•  Comprehensive alerts system

•  Exception Control Notification System

•  Adverse Action and Credit Score Disclosure notices

•  Welcome letters

•  Documents automatically prepared for digital signatures or for closings at the provider’s office or at the lender’s office

•  Document packet auditing and funding tools

•  ACH funding to providers

•  Optional open-ended loans with multiple draw-downs

•  Full suite of reports

•  Internal Notes system

•  Real-time consumer and provider communications

•  Fully automated export to core management system

•  Paperless documentation and funding using DigiDocs™

•  Tools to insure compliance with government regulations

•  Dashboard for updates of critical statistics

“The most important feature to me is the reduction in time required for approval and funding. “


Adam Brandl  // Henna Chevrolet, Austin TX