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Download The Maestro Infographic Here

All Maestro Features Below Are Included With
The Allegro™ Lending Suite Loan Origination Software

  • Dedicated notes that work through Allegro™, Dealertrack, RouteOne and App One.
  • Lender notes captured by all users creating an audit trail that the application source never sees.
  • Our DigiDocs™ system option can turn Allegro™ into a forms powerhouse by allowing lenders to share document folders through DocuSign.  All the forms are programable PDF’s within Allegro™ that prefill with one click.
  • The Deal Calculator allows a lender to work scenarios to get to certain ratio thresholds and copy that work right over to a counter offer.
  • The dress rehearsal highlights all the important areas of the deal and gives you an interactive summary or road-map of the deal.
  • The amortization schedule allows a lender to better understand when the loan will start making yield and how much.  The full amortization schedule can be printed out with one click.
  • Inside the deal calculator you also have the option to change values from retail to wholesale and work separate scenarios to try to put a deal together.