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July 2019

Loan Origination Software

Four Must-Haves In Loan Origination Software Infographic

By Lending Suite Features, Loan Origination Software
Download The Maestro Infographic Here All Maestro Features Below Are Included With The Allegro™ Lending Suite Loan Origination Software Dedicated notes that work through Allegro™, Dealertrack, RouteOne and App One. Lender notes captured by all users creating an audit trail that the application source never sees. Our DigiDocs™ system option can turn Allegro™ into a forms powerhouse by allowing lenders to share document folders through DocuSign.  All the forms are…
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Say ‘Yes’ to More Credit-Challenged Members!

By Loan Origination Software
Be Your Members’ Hero, A NACUSO Free Live Webinar In Case You Missed It Download slides or watch video below. Topics Covered On This Webcast: With regulators cutting into credit unions’ ability to serve members and generate income, you need an efficient and sound way to make more loans that generate more revenue. How Leaders CU successfully: Fulfills its mission to serve as a champion for ALL its members and…
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