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Integrated Lending Technologies, LLC is a recognized pioneer in lending technology with a reputation for continuous innovation and unrivaled service.

When it was first introduced in 2001, the first version of ILT’s DILLS™ system (Dealer Indirect Lending and Leasing System) represented a breakthrough in the automation of the indirect lending process. It delivered speed, accuracy and security through the creative application of new Internet-based technologies.

In early 2005 DILLS™ Version2 was introduced which grew to become the most reliable and innovative system in the indirect lending industry.

At the request of many DILLS™ users, in 2008 ILT’s offerings expanded to include the PILS® system, which automated “lifestyle” and other types of unsecured lending. PILS® clients discovered that PILS® opened up lending markets that had not before even been considered. Some even used PILS® for direct lending programs, like credit cards. Most early users of ILT’s solutions were credit unions, but many banks and independent finance companies are now happy clients.

ILT responded to the demands of its DILLS™ and PILS® users and in 2015 began the design of a completely new system that would combine the best of DILLS™ and PILS® and add a complete system for direct lending.

In 2017 ILT released the Allegro Lending Suite™, a single-platform, cloud-based system comprised of three lending modules; one for indirect (Dealer), another for direct (Branch) and a third for merchant lending (Provider).

Each module serves its client user perfectly, yet each shares its organization, flow and logic with the others. As a result, all three are brought together in a symphony of technology, requiring less time to learn. With the three lending platforms combined under a single login, Allegro™ enables a loan officer to work more applications in less time. By providing an overview of all lending activity on one page, Allegro™ also enables managers to spend less time monitoring activity and supervising other users.

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With Allegro™ it’s all about time.
Your time. Your employees’ time. Your customers’ time.
Allegro™ Lending Suite. It’s about time.